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2018, június 21 - 16:00

106th session of the International Labour Conference

‘Climate change is about our survival as a nation,’ says Minister Cosgrow


Seychelles, being a small island state, climate change is about our survival as a nation and protecting the livelihood of our people, according to Employment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation Minister Wallace Cosgrow.

He said this when addressing the 106th session of the International Labour Conference which is being held in Geneva, Switzerland.

“With great interest I have considered the report of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) director general on ‘Work in a changing climate: The Green Initiative’ in which insights are given notably in regards to the emerging challenges of climate change, decent work and the opportunities abound from renewable energy sources,” he said.

“I firmly believe that these insights are valuable and should be taken into account when framing our strategies to develop and implement green policies into national employment projects,” added Minister Cosgrow.

The minister said this is a cause of concern for all of us, adding that in recent years the government of Seychelles has actively defended this noble cause among the international community and this continued engagement has yielded national institutional reforms which have effectively delivered on initiatives to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Seychelles is being represented at the conference by a five-member delegation headed by Minister Cosgrow.

The conference which is ILO’s highest decision-making body, started on June 5 and will run until June 16. It meets annually in June, bringing together the tripartite delegations from ILO’s 187 member states.

Other members of the delegation are the principal secretary for employment Jules Baker, the secretary general of the Seychelles Federation of Workers’ Union Antoine Robinson and representative of the Association of Seychelles’ Employers Felix Charles and the employment department’s senior cooperation officer Melissa Duffets.

Minister Cosgrow said as ministries of labour, today’s global environmental challenge presents the necessity to develop renewable energy businesses and create green jobs.

“Our labour force therefore needs to gradually move towards this green initiative. Re-skilling, training and careers guidance in this area are vital as we should be mindful that new jobs will be created through technology advancement or new industries, while other jobs may be substituted or transformed,” he said.

It is my wish that jobseekers, especially our youths will secure more employment opportunities in these emerging industries. This is the way forward in moving towards the future of work – adopting policies that translate into growth, development and decent jobs, he added.

“I therefore urge all tripartite constituents to renew their commitment in offering decent jobs with safe working conditions and respect of workers’ rights,” said the minister

Minister Cosgrow added that the government of Seychelles through the Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation reaffirms its commitment to the workers of Seychelles that it will continue to promote employment for the benefit of our present and future generations.

“The Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation has undertaken many actions and achieved considerable results under its first generation of the Decent Work Country Programme in partnership with ILO,” Minister Cosgrow said.

Seychelles is currently elaborating the second generation of the Decent Work Country Programme. This second programme reiterates the country’s pledge for decent work to the men and women workers of Seychelles and the willingness to address labour market challenges.

Minister Cosgrow added that the ministry together with ILO are currently developing the first National Labour Migration Policy, noting that together they will be able to holistically enhance the local framework and effectively manage the employment of foreign workers in tandem with employment of local workers.

The ministry has equally launched a first National Occupational Safety and Health Policy to mobilise constituents in enhancing safety and health systems at work that minimise occupational accidents.

“We are confident of the guidance and support which ILO can offer, in the execution of the responsibilities we have taken upon us as the government of Seychelles, in providing a better standard of living for our society through decent employment for our citizens. Therefore, let us renew our commitment to work together, government, employers and workers to attain the goals of humanity as envisioned by the founders of ILO,” concluded Minister Cosgrow.

Seychelles became a member of the ILO in 1977 and the Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation is the focal point for the organisation locally.