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2018, október 23 - 08:00

Swearing in ceremony of Ministers Myriam Télémaque and Pamela Charlette New ministers sworn in, cabinet reshuffled

New ministers Myriam Télémaque and Pamela Charlette took the allegiance, official and secrecy oaths yesterday afternoon before President Danny Faure at State House before attending a special Cabinet session during which they were given their portfolios.

In attendance for the swearing in ceremony were Vice-President Vincent Meriton, Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, ministers, president of the Court of Appeal Francis MacGregor, leader of government business in the National Assembly Charles Decommarmond, deputy Speaker in the National Assembly Nicholas Prea, acting Attorney General David Esparon, secretaries of State and family members of the two new ministers.

While Mrs Télémaque’s nomination was approved by the National Assembly with 17 votes on Tuesday, Mrs Charlette had to go back inside the chamber during a special session yesterday morning and she garnered 21 votes after she had, on Tuesday, picked up just 14 ‒ below the 50% mark.

The new Cabinet of Ministers now boasts five women ‒ Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, Mitcy Larue, Jeanne Siméon, Myriam Télémaque and Pamela Charlette.

The seven male ministers are Joel Morgan, Jean-Paul Adam, Charles Bastienne, Wallace Cosgrow, Didier Dogley, Peter Larose and Maurice Loustau-Lalanne.

Idith Alexander and Michael Benstrong are no longer part of the Cabinet.


New Cabinet portfolios


It was in the special Cabinet meeting that President Faure confirmed the new portfolios of the revamped Cabinet of Ministers.

Minister Télémaque will hold the portfolio for Employment, Immigration & Civil Status. The president said this portfolio would bring greater focus to localisation of the labour force in Seychelles, and streamline procedures for the recruitment of expatriate workers.

Minister Charlette will be Minister for Fisheries & Agriculture, replacing Michael Benstrong who leaves Cabinet to take on other responsibilities which will be announced shortly.

Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon will see her portfolio enlarged to include the portfolio for Home Affairs in addition to that of Local Government.  The smaller home affairs department would include oversight of the police, the prisons, the National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA) and the Fire and Rescue Services Agency.

Minister Mitcy Larue will be the new Minister for Youth, Sports & Culture, replacing Idith Alexander who leaves the Cabinet.

Minister Wallace Cosgrow has been assigned the portfolio for Industry, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation.

The portfolios of other ministers remain unchanged ‒ Joel Morgan, Minister for Education & Human Resource Development; Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine; Charles Bastienne, Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure & Land Transport; Jean-Paul Adam, Minister for Health; Peter Larose, Minister for Finance, Trade & Economic Planning; Didier Dogley, Minister for Environment, Energy & Climate Change; and Jeanne Siméon, Minister for Family Affairs.

Speaking to the local media after her swearing in, Minister Télémaque preferred to send a message to all women.

“Don’t give up too early as there are people monitoring your work. In the end hard work pays off,” said Minister Télémaque.

She added that she is “proud to be a minister” especially as she comes from a “humble beginning”.

“I am very happy and I know there will be challenges, but I believe if you have a good team you can surmount any challenge,” noted Minister Télémaque.

As for Minister Charlette, she is equally proud to be nominated and approved as a minister and took the opportunity to share her happiness with the people of Seychelles.

“I have had a lot of support from the public, friends, family members, so I share my happiness with them. I believe there is a lot of work to be done, especially about women’s and children’s issues. As women in the Cabinet, we have a voice and we will unite to make these issues known,” said Minister Charlette.

She added that she is ready to take up her new role as she has garnered a lot of experience over the years.

Before their appointment as ministers, Ms Télémaque was the principal secretary for immigration and civil status, while Ms Charlette was the principal secretary for entrepreneurship development and business innovation.

It was on June 30, 2017 that President Faure wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Pillay, seeking the approval of the National Assembly, in accordance with Article 69 (2) of the Constitution, for the appointment of two new ministers.

Meanwhile, the president has expressed his thanks and gratitude to Idith Alexander and Michael Benstrong for the important contribution they made as ministers in the service of Seychelles.