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2019, január 18 - 18:00

President Danny Faure celebrates one year in office today, October 16

‘I’m guided by my desire to work for Seychelles’

A year after taking office, President Danny Faure is seen by many to be trying to make the structural changes needed to address many issues like poverty and housing in Seychelles.

He has been cutting through the political quagmire to get things done and has continued with the progressive works rolled out for the benefit of the people in the country.

Speaking at State House last week to Seychelles NATION in an interview to mark the administration’s first year in office, President Faure said his first year in office has not been smooth, but his priorities have been clear and energetically pursued despite the many controversies.

He took the oath of allegiance and presidential oath before Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey on Sunday October 16, 2016 at State House, succeeding James Michel and becoming the fourth head of state of the island nation.

Former vice-president Faure is completing the five-year term of former President Michel who resigned barely 10 months after taking office for his third five-year mandate.

Working on the principle of the following three key words ‒ good governance, accountability and transparency ‒ President Faure has been striving for political reforms and establishing a more inclusive and transparent policymaking process.

President Faure has shown strong leadership, with a clear focus and sustained energy in pursuing his priorities. And he has gained considerable credit internationally and locally for his firm careful handling of some difficult issues.

Although President Faure has divorced the Parti Lepep, the party in power, saying he wants to concentrate on giving full attention to the people of Seychelles, many people agree that his administration’s work programmes are on track to achieve the inaugural promise of good governance, accountability and transparency.

 “On May 27, 2017 I told the people of Seychelles that as the country’s president I won’t head a political party as I have to take care of the whole country and I’m guided by my desire to work for Seychelles, its people and the health of the nation. I don’t look to see if and where I am scoring points. If I think of the next election now I am not doing justice to what I promised the nation. In my first year as president I am interested in the welfare of the people,” President Faure told Seychelles NATION in an exclusive interview.