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2019, március 23 - 11:00

President Faure addresses the Nation on the Occasion of his Two Years in Office

President Danny Faure made a televised address to the country this evening, on the occasion of his two years in office.

Exactly two years ago, on 16 October 2016, President Faure took the Oath of Office. Recapping the progress that has been made in the country since he took office, the President stressed the importance of respect, tolerance, and national unity for the continued success of the country.

“Today, I feel reassured by the way our citizens have responded to the call for us to work together for our country.  Today, there is a more stable situation in our country.  A situation where families that were divided because of politics have made peace, where there is unity and harmony in workplaces and in communities.  I see a people, despite our differences, coming together for a single purpose: Seychelles, our homeland,” he said.

“Sometimes in life there is the temptation to go back to the path of confrontation; but we need the maturity to put Seychelles, which is bigger than us all, before everything else. My experience is that the politics of confrontation, partisan politics, may bring short term gains but not long term gains for our Nation,” continued the President.

President Faure discussed how policies have been reviewed in line with his fundamental principles of transparency, accountability and good governance. He spoke of the importance of supporting active citizenship through good communication with citizens, an independent media, and encouraging dialogue with all actors. He spoke of his belief in building strong institutions, and involving members from all sectors of society in the governance of various Boards. He also took the opportunity to recapitulate on the success of Seychelles internationally, which was recognised as 62nd out of 189 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index and 43rd out of 157 countries in the World Bank Human Capital Index.

He ended by thanking each Seychellois citizen for their hard work and commitment, to bring the country to where it is today.

“Let us continue to work together with love, peace and in unity, with the conviction that our country is more important than our differences. Tonight I wish to renew my commitment to work for all Seychellois and to work even harder, for our Seychelles that is greater than us all,” ended President Faure.

The full speech can be read here: