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2019, július 23 - 16:00

Seychelles features in African Economic Outlook


A comprehensive report analysing the economic situation in Seychelles features in this year’s African Economic Outlook.

Mrs Simeon addressing the audience at the launch of the African Economic Outlook

The publication, which is produced jointly by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), was officially launched here yesterday.

The ceremony, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the AfDB, took place at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri, in the presence of finance, Central Bank, information and technology officials, students from the School of Advanced Level Studies and other stakeholders.

Principal secretary for education Jeanne Simeon launched the report, and a PowerPoint
presentation was then given by Professor John Anyanwu, a lead research economist from the AfDB.
He was also part of the bank delegation attending the Seychelles Forum on Monday.

The report on Seychelles is among 47 African country studies in this eighth edition of the African Economic Outlook, which gives the medium-term prospects for each of them.

Each year, every country analysis featured in the report includes a write-up on a particular theme of importance to current developments in Africa. This year’s theme is: Innovation and Information Communication Technology.

In her opening remarks, Mrs Simeon said the fact that Seychelles has been singled out to host this prestigious launch again illustrates the long-standing cooperation and partnership between our country and the AfDB.

The report gives a comprehensive analysis of economic, social and political developments on the African continent.
Mrs Simeon said the launch of the report in Seychelles comes at an opportune time when the country is carrying out its own economic reform programme.

“It will act as an educational tool, providing a continent-wide economic outlook on our country’s specific programme, and will equally act as a guide to all involved in the economic reform process,” she said.

The African Economic Outlook 2008-2009 was presented at the AfDB’s annual meeting in Dakar, Senegal, earlier this month and will also be presented in a small number of other countries as well as Seychelles.

In two presentations, Mr Anyanwu summarised the contents of the report and also gave an overview of the present economic situation on the African continent. This was followed by general discussion.

Peter Sinon, executive director of the East Africa constituency of the AfDB, then made the closing remarks.