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2018, december 10 - 12:00

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President Faure commits to championing the blue economy at regional levels

Nairobi, Kenya:

President Faure meets with Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway

Nairobi, Kenya: President Danny Faure met with the Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway, Mr Vidar Helgesen, in the margins of the Global Conference on Sustainable Blue Economy this week.

Project in Seychelles hopes to inspire careers in science, technology, engineering

A project in Seychelles aims to inspire careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

India's $ 68 million grant to help Seychelles fund police station, Attorney General's office, community projects

A new police station with a forensic laboratory – a first in the island nation – and a new building for the Attorney General’s office are expected to be constructed in Seychelles through a grant from the Indian government.

No nation immune from climate change, Seychelles’ president tells Paris forum

A healthy ocean is central to improving the livelihoods of all nations, regardless of whether they are coastal, the Seychelles’ President, Danny Faure, said in an address at the Paris Peace Forum on Sunday.

New digital atlas of world foods showcases 13 dishes from Seychelles

Curious about what Seychelles has to offer in terms of cuisine? A website called TasteAtlas features a handful of Seychelles’ Creole dishes.

Trading partners, the EU and Seychelles reaffirm relationship at annual conference

The European Union is determined to continue working closely with Seychelles in the field of maritime security, the blue economy, climate change and regional integration, Ambassador Marjaana Sall said on Thursday.

President Faure meets with EU Delegation

President Danny Faure held a meeting with

No more diesel: Largest solar farm in Seychelles fully powers a remote island

The remote island of Alphonse is now completely powered by the largest photovoltaic farm in Seychelles, meaning diesel fuel is no longer needed to make electricity, said a top official of the Islands Development Company.