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  • Szél: Dél és Nyugat között változó irányú, 25.9 km/h, 50 km/h mpó-s széllökések
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2018, december 10 - 11:18

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Get your moves right: Traditional dance book and DVD launched in Seychelles

A new book and DVD that just launched will provide people interested in learning the traditional local dances of Seychelles the opportunity to learn.

Constance Ephelia resort in Seychelles recognized as environmentally friendly 5 straight years

Constance Ephelia Seychelles was recently awarded gold status by Green Globe after the resort was certified as an environmentally friendly tourist establishment for five consecutive years.

6 burial sites in Seychelles that will be spruced up on All Souls' Day

Nov. 2 is the day when Christians commemorates All Souls Day when holy souls are remembered.

President Faure to launch Renewable Energy Project

President Danny Faure will be visiting Alphonse Island today to of

Buying big in Seychelles? If anti-money laundering bill passes, you'll need a bank

A proposed law to counter money laundering in Seychelles will be presented to the National Assembly early next year.  

Seychelles launches $15 million ‘blue bond’ to support marine projects

Seychelles on Monday launched the world’s first sovereign blue bond, a financial instrument designed to support sustainable marine and fisheries projects, said a communiqué from the World Bank Group.

Creole Festival, celebrating traditions and culture, opens in Seychelles

The Creole Festival brings Seychellois together to revive the Creole spirit despite differences, said a top official at the opening of the festival on Friday.

500 metres deep: UK scientists to explore Seychelles' oceanic depths

Scientists from the United Kingdom are preparing for an expedition to explore Seychelles' deep waters to study water quality and aquatic species -- even the level of micro-plastics -- and share the information with the government.

Air Seychelles celebrates 40 years in the sky

As the Seychelles’ national airline celebrates four decades of existence, the company has organised a series of activities for school children, staff and the general public.

7 flowers that send a message the Seychellois way

This weekend will see the launch of the annual Creole Festival in the Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean.