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Land crabs show habitat health

 18 August 2009

Assessing the degree of ecological damage can be an expensive and lengthy ordeal for conservation projects. But scientists have found that land crabs respond readily to change and can be used as a quick and cheap habitat assessment tool.

Hermit crab

'Land crabs could be very good indicators of habitat quality on tropical oceanic islands, allowing rapid evaluation with potential use in monitoring and restoration programmes,' says Sarah Brook, who led the research while completing a Masters in the University of East Anglia.


Seychelles’ website revamped


Seychelles’ official website has been given a facelift to make it even more appealing, its managers said yesterday.

Also reachable through the address, the site receives more than 2,000 visits every month. It has already been improved twice to maintain its popularity among Seychellois overseas as well as among visitors, who often write to say they like it.

Talks for IMF extended fund facility begin


A five-strong team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) yesterday took part in a meeting to begin their 10-day assessment of Seychelles’ economy, which will also allow for an extended fund facility.

Present at the meeting were Finance Minister Danny Faure, Central Bank governor Pierre Laporte and other officials from the bank and the ministry.

The IMF team is led by Paul Mathieu, who headed previous reviews of our economic reform programme, launched last November.

New joint centre to boost search and rescue missions


Seychelles is now better equipped to bring a high level of efficiency and reliability to search and rescue missions in its exclusive economic zone and extended region.

This follows the opening on Friday of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), at the Seychelles Coast Guard’s (SCG) naval base on Bois de Rose Avenue.

Guests are guided on a tour of the centre following its opening

Museum display shows 230 years of Victoria’s history


Visitors to the National Museum will, from Monday, see a chronological history of Victoria over the past 230 years. 

The exhibition – Celebrating the 230th anniversary of Victoria, from 1778 to 2008 – shows through pictures, posters and leaflets the development of our capital since its foundation.

The display was mounted in December last year but has been repeated by popular demand, especially from schools whose students are doing research on the subject.

High-level forum addresses key national issues


Four issues of national importance were discussed by President James Michel and leader of government business in the National Assembly Marie-Louise Potter, at the latest high-level forum yesterday. 

Meeting the media afterwards, Mr Michel said the subjects were law and order and the administration of justice; the fight against drugs and substance abuse; the cost of living; and the possibility of a salary increase.

‘Bold start’ to building Seychellois tuna fleet


A fleet of Seychellois-owned long-line fishing boats is one of the targets of a special fund set up by the government to improve its fishing industry. 

Mr Payet (right) and Mr Toussaint signing the documents to officially set up the fund

The fund was launched through the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA), in collaboration with other partners such as the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) and the Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS).

President sets up new national energy body


President James Michel has set up the Seychelles Energy Commission, which will begin work tomorrow on all aspects of planning, development and training in the energy sector.

Mr Morin will head the newly set up Seychelles Energy Commission

At the same time, the portfolio responsibility for the energy sector is transferred to the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Transport.

FIU protects Seychelles’ reputation


The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is now investigating the laundering of money from illegal activities as wideranging as drug trafficking, fraud and nuclear weapons technology proliferation as it fights to protect Seychelles’ international reputation.

Operating under the recently passed Proceeds of Crime Act and the 2008 amendment to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the FIU follows the financial trail left by criminals seeking to launder money raised through criminal activities.

Assembly approves Bills to reform judicial system


The National Assembly has approved amendments to two Bills to allow for reforms in the judicial system.

The Judiciary Amendment Bill 2009 amends the Judiciary Act 2008 to increase the salary of officers of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

The Constitutional Appointees’ Emolument Amendment Bill 2009 amends the Constitutional Appointees’ Emolument Act 2008 to increase the salary of the attorney-general so it is equivalent to that of a Supreme Court judge.