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Strategic meeting for Seychelles’ consuls in Europe

Posted by on Wednesday, 01 July 2009


Seychelles’ honorary consuls in Europe held a strategic meeting last week to discuss how they can work more closely together to help the country achieve its targets as a nation.
The meeting, an initiative of the consuls themselves, was the first to be held under the auspices of the country’s embassies.  It would also provide constructive input into the bi-annual consuls’ conferences, the next one being planned for October.

A total of seven consuls – Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain (2) and Ukraine – attended the meeting, whereas the others from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia could not attend, mostly for reasons beyond their control.

New agreement to bring more Cuban doctors


Seven Cuban doctors and specialists are expected to arrive in Seychelles in the next two weeks, and another group will be here before the end of the year.

Mrs Jimenez and Minister Faure sign the agreement

This follows the signing yesterday of a new cooperation agreement between the Cuban Ministry of Health and Seychelles’ Ministry of Health and Social Development.

President talks about independence


Celebrating our success as a nation

When a country gains independence, its success as a nation will depend on the will, capacity and determination of its people to develop it into one where every citizen feels a sense of pride and belonging, and benefits from the freedom it has achieved.

New book tells shameful story of Diego Garcia


A new book entitled Island of Shame, based on the history of the Chagossians and their final eviction from Diego Garcia, was launched yesterday.

New bazaars to make Victoria more attractive


The Bazar Lendepandans on Independence Day will be the first in a series that the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) is spearheading to liven up the centre of Victoria and give it more attractions.

After that first one on June 29, the Bazar Victoria – as it will be called from then on – will take place every Friday evening from 4pm to 9pm in the Independence Avenue and Waterfront area.

National Assembly forges closer links with China


The National Assembly of Seychelles and the Foreign Affairs Committee of Henan Province in China have established closer links through the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

The agreement was signed at the Sofitel Hotel in Henan during the recent visit to China by a delegation headed by the chairman of the assembly’s International Affairs Committee (IAC), Waven William.

Unity key to our progress, says President


President James Michel has called on the people of Seychelles to unite and work together to develop our country into one that the younger generation will be proud to inherit.

The President made this appeal on the eve of the country’s 33rd Independence Day anniversary, to be celebrated on Monday.
In his message to the people of Seychelles on this auspicious occasion, the President is urging us to reflect on the success we have worked hard to achieve as a nation and the importance of preserving it.

Government moves to reinforce law and order


President James Michel stressed that the government is reinforcing law and order, when he gave his recent National Day address.

He said a reform of the police started last year and is progressing, although much remains to be done.

“The police need to improve their services to the public, especially in managing their resources,” he said, expressing confidence there are capable and competent people within the force who are able to make a difference and who are following the new course we are pursuing.

Regional and local police on peacekeeping course


Police officers from various countries in the African region, including Seychelles, have started a two-week peacekeeping course at the police academy, Pointe Larue.

Organised by the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation and led by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), the workshop is for staff following the United Nations Police Officers’ Course.

New national trade information website launched


Seychelles officially launched its national trade information website on Friday as part of an Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) project. 

Guests at the website launch on Friday. Mr Morin is second from right

The new website was launched by the chief negotiator for the World Trade Organisation, Charles Morin, during a ceremony at Liberty House in Victoria.