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Government moves to reinforce law and order


President James Michel stressed that the government is reinforcing law and order, when he gave his recent National Day address.

He said a reform of the police started last year and is progressing, although much remains to be done.

“The police need to improve their services to the public, especially in managing their resources,” he said, expressing confidence there are capable and competent people within the force who are able to make a difference and who are following the new course we are pursuing.

Regional and local police on peacekeeping course


Police officers from various countries in the African region, including Seychelles, have started a two-week peacekeeping course at the police academy, Pointe Larue.

Organised by the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation and led by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), the workshop is for staff following the United Nations Police Officers’ Course.

New national trade information website launched


Seychelles officially launched its national trade information website on Friday as part of an Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) project. 

Guests at the website launch on Friday. Mr Morin is second from right

The new website was launched by the chief negotiator for the World Trade Organisation, Charles Morin, during a ceremony at Liberty House in Victoria.

Reforms move to second stage, focus on taxes


Our economic reforms have moved into their second phase and are focusing on modernising the tax system and the review of our public enterprises, Finance Minister Danny Faure said on Friday.

(From l to r) Mr Laporte, Minister Faure and Mr Afif during the press conference on Friday

The reforms are on track and the last review by an International Monetary Fund team is being presented before the organisation’s board, the minister told representatives of all the country’s media houses in a press conference.

He made a statement and together with principal secretary for finance Ahmed Afif and Central Bank governor Pierre Laporte answered questions from journalists.

President Michel’s National Day address


Our courage and trust are taking us on new course

Our courage and our trust in the economic reforms are taking us on a new course that is already yielding positive results, President James Michel said in his National Day address yesterday evening.

Taking the Presidential salute: (from l to r) President James Michel, Vice-President Joseph Belmont, Designated Minister Danny Faure, Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier Leopold Payet and Police Commissioner Ernest Quatre

He said we are moving in the right direction, giving examples of such results as the fall in interest rates on loans to nearly the same levels as before the reforms.

He also said the value of the rupee has stabilised against major foreign currencies and continues to appreciate, with the problem of availability of foreign exchange now a thing of the past.

Belgian Ship, Crew of 10 Released by Somali Pirates

June 28, 2009 10:49 a.m. EST

Melvin Baker - AHN Reporter
Brussels, Belgium (AHN) - A Belgian ship and its crew of 10 have been released by Somali pirates, Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy announced Sunday.

The Dutch captain and the crew of two Belgians, three Filipinos and four Croats were in good health, Van Rompuy said in a statement.

The MV Pompei was seized April 18 about 95 miles north of the Seychelles enroute from Dubai to South Africa.

Some 12 ships and 200 crew members are still held by Somali pirates.

Marine protected areas make economic sense


It has been proved globally that well-managed marine protected areas (MPAs) increase fish catch, resulting in increases in revenue for local communities and in the income of local fishermen.

Curieuse island has attracted more visitors in the last two years than any of the other marine national parks of Seychelles

Protecting the oceans through these areas can provide higher and more sustained income through tourism and controlled fisheries than continued exploitation, according to a new compilation of case studies commissioned by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) about the economic benefits of MPAs, launched on World Biodiversity Day –May 22 – at the 2nd International Marine Protected Area Congress in Washington DC.

“These case studies show that closing selected marine areas to fishing or other extractive uses makes economic sense,” said Carl Gustaf Lundin, head of the IUCN’s global marine programme.

“Marine protected areas, if well managed, help fish stocks replenish, which then increase yields in neighbouring areas and improve the economic situation of the local communities.”

Independent School students receive IGCSE certificates


Students from the Independent School Seychelles who last year passed their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams received their certificates on Saturday.

A souvenir photograph of the Independent School students who received their IGCSE certificates on Saturday

The ceremony, which took place at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri, was attended by members of the school’s management, parents and teachers.

Joint approach to tackle piracy in Seychelles’ waters


A joint approach to better tackle pirate activities in our territorial waters was the main topic of discussion between Vice-President Joseph Belmont and an Indian delegation yesterday at State House.

The delegation during their call on Vice-President Belmont

New hospital to further boost people’s health


A new US $3.5 million hospital being built at Anse Royale will help the government to continue promoting people’s health, which is a right guaranteed in the Constitution.

Minister Lloyd and Ambassador Wang laying the foundation stone for the new hospital

Health and Social Development Minister Marie-Pierre Lloyd said this in an interview with Nation yesterday evening after she and Chinese Ambassador Wang Weiguo laid the foundation stone for the 50-bed hospital.

She said the original hospital was built 60 years ago in response to the challenges of that time to promote health, protect lives and restore hope among the inhabitants of south Mahe.

“Thirty years ago the hospital became even more relevant and had the pivotal role of promoting primary health care as guaranteed under our Constitution,” she said.