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Reforms win EU trust and €5.9m support grant


The European Union (EU) has changed its approach to support for Seychelles and has decided to give us a €5.9 million budgetary support grant.

This new approach comes “because we have a very strong reform in place” and the EU is also happy that the programme is led by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The IMF’s evaluation of Seychelles’ economic recovery is respected by the EU, which will not have to carry out its own appraisal.

University likely to attract foreign students



The University of Seychelles is likely to attract students from all over the region, a leading British academic said yesterday.
President Michel welcomes Mr Gregson at State House
“You are very well placed within the region and you are likely to attract students from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and even Europe,” said Jon Gregson, director of external networks for the University of London’s External System.

Argentina offers support for reforms



Argentina’s new ambassador to Seychelles Daniel Chuburu yesterday presented his credentials to President James Michel and also called on Vice-President Joseph Belmont.
Mr Chuburu presents his credentials to President Michel
He offered his country’s support for the reform programme and said he is happy to have taken part in the Seychelles Forum, which he found interesting and enlightening.

Seychelles features in African Economic Outlook


A comprehensive report analysing the economic situation in Seychelles features in this year’s African Economic Outlook.

Mrs Simeon addressing the audience at the launch of the African Economic Outlook

The publication, which is produced jointly by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), was officially launched here yesterday.

The ceremony, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the AfDB, took place at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri, in the presence of finance, Central Bank, information and technology officials, students from the School of Advanced Level Studies and other stakeholders.

Economic partners now know where we stand


Seychelles clearly knows what it needs, and through presentations and interaction with the Seychelles Forum delegates they now know our situation much better.

Minister Faure addressing delegates at the close of the forum


Our economic partners from 20 countries and organisations who attended the forum on Monday have now returned home with enough information and will be able to formulate plans by which they can help us in our reforms.

Forum delegates welcome early economic recovery


Delegates from about 20 countries and international organisations attending the Seychelles Forum on Monday have welcomed our early economic reform success.
Mr Borg (left) and Minister Faure speaking during the opening session of the forum
The European Union’s commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries, Joe Borg, said:
“The reform programme has made a good start, reflecting the authorities’ strong commitment and ownership of the reforms.
“This is why the EU is happy to move to a new cooperation approach which indeed is a clear signal of our trust in the country’s economy in drawing up our cooperation strategy.”
Talking to Nation, a number of the delegates referred to news released by the international media just before their arrival here, citing authoritative news agencies saying Seychelles’ economy is recovering better than expected due to falling inflation, healthier foreign exchange reserves and a stronger currency.
Central Bank governor Pierre Laporte confirmed this, saying the economic fundamentals have stabilised.
 “Things are very, very satisfactory, far more so than expected,” he said.
He also confirmed that inflation, year on year, fell to 47.9% in April compared with 63.6% in December, and net foreign reserves were US $75 million – “enough for five weeks’ worth of imports, compared with September when we had three days’ cover”.
The rupee has gained about 21% since December, when it traded at R17 against the US dollar.
The Central Bank yesterday said the rupee was trading at a consolidated average of 14.1564 against the dollar on Monday when the forum took place. This figure represents the average between the exchange bureaux and commercial banks.
Finance Minister Danny Faure said standing where we are now, it is remarkable to look back and reflect on how far we have come.
“Just in May last year, the Seychelles economy was choking. We had run out of foreign exchange. We were insolvent as a country. The world food and fuel crisis pushed us over the edge. Decisions had to be taken,” he said.  

IMF executive director in Seychelles


The executive director representing Seychelles at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dr Hi-Su Lee, will be in the country from today until Sunday May 17. 

He will join the IMF mission already here and will attend some of the key meetings scheduled for the next few days.

As part of his visit he will also meet President James Michel, Finance Minister Danny Faure and Central Bank governor Pierre Laporte.

Major economic partners meet at forum today


Seychelles’ main economic partners come together today at a major forum to be attended by nearly 100 people at the International Conference Centre.

President James Michel will open the forum, after which the partners will get a chance to listen to presentations on what we are doing to reform the economy. People will have a chance to ask questions during what the Ministry of Finance termed “an information sharing session”.

Indian team look to boost links with Seychelles


A three-man delegation from India is looking to boost existing ties between Seychelles and the sub-continent, and to raise the number of Indian companies investing here.

President Michel welcomes Mr Surie at State House

The country’s secretary of external affairs Nalin Surie said this yesterday when his group called on President James Michel and Vice-President Joseph Belmont at State House.

President hails India-Seychelles cooperation


President James Michel has described the bilateral cooperation between India and Seychelles as an exemplary collaboration between two friendly countries.

He was speaking yesterday at the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG) jetty after visiting the patrol boat Topaz, which had been in India for refitting.

The maintenance work on the Topaz was entirely funded by the Indian government as part of the military cooperation between the two countries.