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EU fisheries delegation leaves after fruitful mission


A fisheries and maritime affairs delegation from the European Union left the country yesterday after a mission described as fruitful.

The team, headed by EU commissioner Joe Borg, called on President James Michel on Friday and then had a weekend of talks, meetings and visits to Victoria fishing port and the Seychelles Coast Guard.

In a meeting with the press yesterday morning, Mr Borg and Minister for Environment, Natural Resources and Transport Joel Morgan said relations between the EU and Seychelles regarding fisheries – including their partnership agreement – and the problem of piracy were among the main issues discussed.

Reforms boost confidence in rupee – President


Seychelles is convinced that its revamped monetary framework will provide the basis for increased confidence in the rupee and stability in the banking sector.

President Michel addressing …

President James Michel said this yesterday when he opened a forum at which local and international partners talked about our economic reforms.

He said the Central Bank has contained the inflationary effects of 
floating the rupee by adopting a tight monetary stance.

“I am pleased to note the rupee has stabilised at just over R14 to the dollar. This is a significant reduction from the R18 to the dollar in November last year,” he said.

Seychelles makes impact at ocean forum


Seychelles has given a keynote address – on fisheries and climate change – at the World Ocean Conference, which ended successfully on Friday in Manado, Indonesia.
 Dr Payet headed Seychelles’ delegation at the Manado meet

Dr Payet headed Seychelles' delegation at the Manado meet

Seychelles starts bid to rejoin world trade body


Seychelles has begun the process of rejoining the World Trade Organisation (WTO) by giving a clear picture of its current economic situation and policies.

Mr Morin (right) presents Mr Osakwe with Seychelles’ Memorandum of Foreign Trade Regime

Partners in our economic reform come together


Seychelles’ main economic partners come together today at a major forum to be attended by nearly 100 people at the International Conference Centre.

President James Michel will open the forum, after which the partners will get a chance to listen to presentations on what we are doing to reform the economy. People will have a chance to ask questions during what the Ministry of Finance termed “an information sharing session”.

“Seychelles will be able to follow the economic reform programme if we have the partnership with and support of the international community, together with our local partners,” Finance Minister Danny Faure said when announcing the meeting last week.




IMF commends Seychelles for reform success


The head of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) review mission Paul Mathieu on Saturday commended the government and the Central Bank saying the programme is achieving its goals.

He was speaking after IMF’s second two-week review of the reforms which were launched in November.

“We really need to congratulate the authorities, the Central Bank and the government for the strength of the reform process and the determination they have shown in implementing this reform.

Seychelles third most forested country on earth


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has been responsible for coordinating global forest resource assessment for many years now. 

The assessment is carried out by more than 800 people, including national correspondents, advisory groups, international experts, staff from the FAO’s Forestry Department and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, consultants and volunteers from around the world.

Information from various countries is collected and analysed, leading to a comprehensive forest report being drawn up. 

Sipay shows strength of Seychellois poetry


Sipay is a locally-produced poetry magazine launched recently as a collaboration between Seychellois poets and French poet Fabien Le Dizes.

A classical Latin and Greek scholar, and a teacher of philosophy as well as French classical literature in Seychelles, Fabien shares his love of poetry in conversation with Peter Pierre-Louis.

Sipay magazine is the initiative of Fabien Le Dizes, an instructor at the Ecole Française des Seychelles, and the French embassy’s Claude Collin, who is interested in promoting the French language and culture through cultural projects – one of the international aims of inter-cultural relations and cooperation between friendly countries.

Fabien Le Dizes (right) with local poet Reuben Lespoir at the official launch of Sipay

“In our discussion at the Cooperation Services last November,” said Fabien, “I told Mr Collin that poetry is one of my greatest passions. He replied that there are many poets in Seychelles but it’s difficult to get their work published because there is no publication for poetry.

“That’s when the idea for starting a poetry magazine occurred to me, and Mr Collin immediately assured me the French embassy would be willing to help and promote it.”

Fabien, who has many years’ experience as a reader for poetry magazines in France, decided he would finally try to launch a poetry magazine in Seychelles as he has worked with many other poets in France doing desktop publications and promoting poetry readings and recitals.

He has also been involved in related activities such as the Sware Lapoezi of the writers’ association Lardwaz, which is now a familiar literary activity, or the literary evening that the Creole Institute, in collaboration with Lardwaz, held recently to celebrate Unesco’s Reading Week.

Middle East roadshow set to boost tourism


Seychelles will host a roadshow around the Middle East countries in November to promote our archipelago as a tourism destination.

Alain St Ange, director of tourism marketing at the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), said this on Monday after taking part in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) trade fair, held in Dubai from May 5-8.

Mr St Ange meeting with senior VP of Emirate Airlines Majid Al Mualla

He said the roadshow will help consolidate the progress his delegation made during the fair.

Seychelles tops African mobile phone league


Seychelles has Africa’s highest percentage of mobile phone users – 89.23 per 100 inhabitants, says the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on its website

We are followed by Gabon with 87.86%, South Africa 87.08, Tunisia 75.94 and Botswana 75.84.