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2020, szeptember 18 - 20:00

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Work permits revoked for expats outside Seychelles; gov't eyes rising unemployment

Gainful Occupation Permits (GOPs) of foreign workers in Seychelles currently out of the country have been revoked with immediate effect and companies that need the employees back have to go through a new process, said a top government official on Monday.

Emirates flight lands in Seychelles carrying first new tourist arrivals since March

One hundred and seventy passengers -- both visitors and Seychellois -- landed in Seychelles on Saturday onboard the first commercial passenger flight since the COVID-induced travel shutdown.

5 guidelines to help newly arriving visitors to Seychelles enjoy their (COVID-free!) stay

Given Seychelles abundant sand, sun and seq, it’s no surprise that tourism is the most important sector of Seychelles’ economy. Last year 384,204 visitors came to the 115-island archipelago in the western Indian Ocean. 

Seychelles' President decides to hold presidential, legislative elections together

The presidential and legislative elections will be held at the same time this year to cut costs associated with holding two separate votes amidst the economic challenges that Seychelles faces, said President Danny Faure.

Covid-19 Tourism Guidelines

New Covid-19 guidelines in PDF format are available below for download:
For up-to-date information and 

What to do with a COVID-positive tourist? Seychelles' answer: Holiday-quality isolation

How best to deal with a tourist who tests positive for COVID-19 while on holiday in Seychelles was the focus of a discussion held by relevant authorities on Tuesday.

Seychelles to ensure businesses implement COVID-19 standards as country reopens

Efforts are underway nationally in Seychelles to get businesses to implement COVID-19 health standards as the country takes steps to reopen its borders and re-launch its tourism industry.

More than half of seafarers once COVID-positive in Seychelles now test negative

Most of the seafarers on a Spanish fishing fleet who tested positive for COVID-19 in Seychelles have recovered and gone back to work, a top health official said on Tuesday.

Seychelles declared ready to re-welcome tourists after anti-COVID health preparations

Seychelles is ready to reopen for commercial passenger flights on Aug. 1 after all sectors demonstrated progress in preparedness plans, a top government official said on Tuesday.