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Erősen felhős, gyenge záporeső
  • Erősen felhős, gyenge záporeső
  • Hőmérséklet: 26 °C
  • Szél: Kelet és Dél-Délkelet között változó irányú, 14.8 km/h
  • Légnyomás: 1012 hPa
  • Rel. páratartalom: 89 %
  • Látástávolság: 10 mérföld
2018, június 21 - 16:00

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‘Oceans transcend island States’ – President Faure

President Danny Faure underscored the importance of climate change mitigation for the planet at the 28th Summit of the African Union that ended on Tuesday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Seychelles’ passport most powerful in Africa

Holders of Seychelles’ passport have the most powerful passport in Africa, a 2017 travel ranking reports.
According to the, Seychellois nationals can visit 96 countries 

Establishing protected areas on the outer islands

Seychelles’ existing protected area system is primarily situated in the inner granitic islands, yet the outer coralline islands make up more than half of the total number of islands within the archipelago. The outer islands contain unique land and marine habitats, and species not found in the inner islands: for example they include 9 of the 20 internationally recognised Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Seychelles.

President back from World Future Energy Summit

Seychelles to review its renewable energy target

IMF’s Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Seychelles

Executive Board completes 4th and 5th reviews, approves US $4.4 million disbursement

Seychelles welcomed 303,177 visitors in 2016

Seychelles registered  a record number of 303, 177 visitors last year, a real success story as described by the former minister for tourism.

Funeral service of Seychelles founding President Sir James Richard Marie Mancham

Seychelles says goodbye to ‘a most illustrious son’


Former President Rene expresses ‘sorrow and shock’ over Sir James’ death

Former President France Albert Rene has expressed “deep sorrow and shock” at the sudden and untimely passing of Former President James Mancham.

Death of Seychelles’ Founding President James Mancham

Former President James Michel expresses condolences