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  • Hőmérséklet: 28 °C
  • Szél: Délnyugat, 3.7 km/h
  • Légnyomás: 1012 hPa
  • Rel. páratartalom: 84 %
  • Látástávolság: 10 mérföld
2020, április 8 - 19:00

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Preparations are in full swing for Seychelles to participate in the Dubai Expo 2020. The destination’s natural environment, opportunities for investment and its achievements towards sustainability and conservation will be showcased during the six-month event.

Colourful floats and costumes fill Seychelles' capital during Creole Festival

A large crowd gathered in Seychelles’ capital Victoria on Saturday for this year’s ‘Laserenad,’ one of the main events in the 34th edition of the Creole Festival.

New policy for foreign workers in Seychelles shared with National Assembly

A new policy concerning the recruitment and employment of foreigners in Seychelles is expected to come into force next year, a response to a number of issues the island nation saw concerning foreign workers in the construction and tourism sectors in particular.

When last place is an honour: World traveller chooses Seychelles as global tour's final stop

Seychelles is the 195th and last country to be visited by a U.N. employee-turned-travel blogger on her world record-setting journey which started in 2017.

5G mobile network coming to Seychelles next year, bringing ultrafast data

Smartphone users in certain areas in Seychelles are expected to get faster internet next year when a local telecommunication company -- Intelvision -- rolls out its 5G mobile network.

Seychelles ranked fourth-highest in Africa in World Economic Forum competitiveness report

Seychelles is the fourth-most competitive nation in Africa out of 37 countries ranked in the 2019 edition of the Global Competitiveness Report, scoring high marks in health and macro-economic stability.

Seychelles’ Fregate Island makes CNN Travel's Top 10 most beautiful islands

Seychelles' Fregate Island has made CNN Travel's list of the Top Ten most beautiful islands in the world.

US official: Seychelles must improve off-shore banking to deter terrorist, drug money

Seychelles need to raise awareness on the risks associated with off-shore banking and set up legislation to fix loopholes within financial regulatory systems, said a top American official on Tuesday.

European, Japanese experts studying how Seychelles can improve waste management practices

Seychelles' waste-management practices are being studied by European and Japanese experts in order to find areas in which to improve.

Seychelles at the UN: Young people will play crucial role in climate change fight

The President of Seychelles has highlighted and lauded the increasing interest young people are taking in advancing the fight against climate change.