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Közepesen felhős, gyenge záporeső
  • Közepesen felhős, gyenge záporeső
  • Hőmérséklet: 27 °C
  • Szél: Változó, 9.3 km/h
  • Légnyomás: 1010 hPa
  • Rel. páratartalom: 84 %
  • Látástávolság: 10 mérföld
2019, december 15 - 21:00

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Seychelles’ recognised in US assessment for efforts to fight trafficking of people

In recognition of its efforts to combat trafficking, Seychelles has been upgraded on the United States Trafficking in Persons Report for 2019, the Department

Sooty tern eggs, an island favorite in Seychelles, are scarce and pricey this year

A seasonal delicacy in Seychelles -- bird eggs -- are in short supply and high in price this year.

On-land coral nursery in Seychelles grows, transplants 80 individual corals

The first on-land coral nursery project launched in Seychelles last year by a community-based conservation group has been a success so far, with 80 individual corals having been grown and transplanted.

Seychelles’ credit rating rises to ‘BB,’ underscoring strong economic trajectory

Seychelles’ sovereign credit rating has for the first time been upgraded to ‘BB’ and assigned a stable outlook in the newly published Fitch Ratings -- a New York-based credit agency.

Flag, anthem, emblem, motto: 4 patriotic items that help define Seychelles as a country

Since 2016, Seychelles has celebrated the island nation's Constitution of the Third Republic every June 18 in a public holiday called Constitution Day. This year marked the 26th anniversary. 

4 winners from Seychelles that help the island nation’s tourism star shine

Award-winning travel brands in Africa and the Indian Ocean were announced on June 1 at a star-studded gala in Mauritius.

With eye on its most important market, tourism leaders in Seychelles study European standards, expectations

Tourism partners in Seychelles learned more about European standards, expectations and laws in a workshop Tuesday that focused on the island nation's most important market of sunshine-seeking holiday-makers.

Seychelles’ court orders ministry to make rules for medical use of cannabis within 2 years

The Seychelles’ Constitutional Court on Friday ordered the government to make regulations for the medical use of cannabis, ruling in favour of a patient who uses the drug to help with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. 

No more plastic straws: Ban comes into full force in Seychelles

A complete ban on the manufacture, importation and use of plastic straws came into force on Saturday in Seychelles, the island nation's latest effort to advance environmental protection.