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2020, szeptember 18 - 20:00

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Social distancing, good hygiene to be practiced on Seychelles' beaches, minister says

Seychelles' Beach Control Committee will need to take measures to ensure that social distancing and good hygiene practices are being followed on the island nation's beaches as the country re-welcomes tourists in August, said the tourism minister.

Seychelles to re-open borders to low-, medium- risk COVID countries on Aug. 1

Seychelles will re-open its border to commercial passenger flights from low- or medium-risk COVID-19 countries beginning of August to revive the tourism sector with a new structure put in place to manage the re-opening, said a top health official. 

Seychelles’ Central Bank cuts interest rate to 3 percent amidst COVID downturn

The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) has cut the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) to three per cent down from 4 per cent.

Authorities working to repatriate Seychellois stranded in 29 countries, official says

The health authorities and the foreign affairs department are working to repatriate almost 250 Seychellois stranded overseas, the public health commissioner said on Tuesday.

President of Seychelles urges new chapter of solidarity amidst pain of COVID

As Seychelles celebrated its Constitution Day on Thursday, President Danny Faure warned that the economic pain from COVID-19 could last a long time as he urged the island nation to fight throu

3 island resorts in Seychelles that have re-opened after COVID

With the easing of travel restrictions in Seychelles, the country has been working to welcome its first guests after the outbreak of COVID-19. As part of its cautious approach to re-opening, only visitors going to island resorts will be allowed into the country.

Repatriation of Seychellois overseas must adhere to health guidelines, official says

The repatriations of Seychellois stranded overseas will be carried out strictly in accordance with guidelines and criteria set by health authorities, a process being facilitated by the local foreign affairs department.

People in Seychelles asked to wear face masks in crowded areas to prevent COVID-19

People in Seychelles are being advised to wear face masks as a preventative measure against COVID-19 in areas where social distancing cannot be practised, a high official said Tuesday.

Rare good news from COVID-19: Other health ailments in Seychelles have decreased

Ailments such as respiratory disease and stomach flu have decreased in Seychelles during the COVID-19 era thanks to the social distancing and good hygiene practised during the last several months, the Public Health Commissioner said Thursday.

Sports to return in Seychelles soon, with a dash of social distancing

Sports activities and competitions can resume on June 1 in Seychelles following the restricting of such activities in mid-March because of COVID-19.