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2018, augusztus 16 - 07:00

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Former President Rene expresses ‘sorrow and shock’ over Sir James’ death

Former President France Albert Rene has expressed “deep sorrow and shock” at the sudden and untimely passing of Former President James Mancham.

Death of Seychelles’ Founding President James Mancham

Former President James Michel expresses condolences  

Ex-Seychelles president has bigger fish to fry now

It was a hundred years ago..

A hundred years ago, the First World War was in its second year and Seychelles shared a common obedience with many other British Colonies to the British Empire.

Nato ends counter-piracy operation in the Indian Ocean

As of Thursday this week the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) has formerly ended its counter-piracy operations known as Operation Ocean Shield in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Somalia as announced in July, citing a sharp drop in piracy attacks in the region and no successful attacks since May 2012.