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Fish discovery in Seychelles is confirmed as new species of dwarf goby group

A new fish species belonging to the dwarf goby group has been discovered in Seychelles by researchers of the Save our Seas Foundation (SOSF).

Commonwealth Secretary-General commends Seychelles for marine management, climate change leadership

The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth has commended Seychelles for its marine management record, leadership role within the blue economy and for leading on the issue of climate change.

Air Mauritius returns to Seychelles, increasing regional trade, tourism and airline competition

Air Mauritius returned to Seychelles on Tuesday after a 14-year absence, touching down at 11.10 a.m. local time to become the 15th airline to connect the island nation to the rest of the world.

Seychelles celebrates 43rd Anniversary of Independence

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny F

Moment of pride and joy: Seychelles celebrates achievements, independence on National Day

The President of Seychelles, Danny Faure, has called on all Seychellois to renew their commitment as citizens to reinforce national unity in the island nation in his National Day message on Saturda

Seychelles’ main port increasing security measures with help of US Navy

Security officers at the Seychelles main port – Port Victoria - will be increasing safety measures as part of efforts by the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) to meet international standards and requirements of the United States Coast Guard.

Seychelles’ recognised in US assessment for efforts to fight trafficking of people

In recognition of its efforts to combat trafficking, Seychelles has been upgraded on the United States Trafficking in Persons Report for 2019, the Department

Sooty tern eggs, an island favorite in Seychelles, are scarce and pricey this year

A seasonal delicacy in Seychelles -- bird eggs -- are in short supply and high in price this year.

On-land coral nursery in Seychelles grows, transplants 80 individual corals

The first on-land coral nursery project launched in Seychelles last year by a community-based conservation group has been a success so far, with 80 individual corals having been grown and transplanted.

Seychelles’ credit rating rises to ‘BB,’ underscoring strong economic trajectory

Seychelles’ sovereign credit rating has for the first time been upgraded to ‘BB’ and assigned a stable outlook in the newly published Fitch Ratings -- a New York-based credit agency.