Travel Advisor for Visitors to Seychelles

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic that brought tourism and travel to a standstill, Seychelles are focused on resuming operations within the ‘new normal’ context.
Seychelles hasso far, recorded a very low number of cases and there has been no community transmission.
With traveller's wellbeing and that of the local population at heart, Seychelles has put in place protocols to ensure safe travel and stay for its visitors. While visitors enjoy their stay, it is essential that they remain conscious of these safety measures to keep Seychelles safe.
The procedures and restrictions present in this advisory are applicable to visitors staying at tourism accommodation establishments as well as liveaboardsthat meet the safe criteria. The content of this advisory may be revised periodically based on the guidance of the Public Health Authority.
In order to avoid imported cases of the virus, the lifting of restrictions will be gradual. As of now until 1st August 2020, only arrivals by private jets, chartered flights and private yachtsfrom low risk countries published by the Public Health Authority will be allowed in the country. Visitors disembarking will be limited to staying at only hotels, island resorts and private yachts certified safe by the Public Health Authority.
As of 1st August 2020, Seychelles will open its borders to commercial schedule flights, hence provide flexibility for visitors to travel to the islands.
Visitors are requested to adhere to all measures stated in this advisory and ensure that all requirements are met prior to arrival, failing which, may result in restriction of entry.
Please check the uploaded attachments for futher details!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note, that risk assessment is dynamic and the list of approved countries will be kept under contstant review and may be amended!
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